BIM ensures efficiency, consistent with the actual situation from 2017 - 2020

My Phuoc - Bau Bang Street

1. Introduction of the project

Project name: My Phuoc Tao Luc Street - Bau Bang

Address: Ben Cat Town, Bau Bang District - Binh Duong Province

The scope of the project is as follows:

  • Starting point: Road 7B - Ben Cat Tx - Binh Duong Province
  • End point of route: Intersection of Highway 13 - Road NC Bau Bang Industrial Park - Bau Bang District - Binh Duong Province.
  • Total length of the route is about 10,92km, is designed according to the standards of urban roads, the design speed is 80km / h, the cross-section of the road is 62m. Total investment: 1242 billion VND.
  • Investment items

Road section:

  • For motor vehicles, each direction will arrange 3 lanes (3x3.75) ~ 12m, total: 24m
  • Area roads, each side will arrange 2 lanes (2x3.5) ~ 7.5 m, total: 15m
  • Median strip between motorized road and area road 2x4.24, total: 8.5m
  • Total width of road foundation: 62m

  • Rainwater drainage: The culverts cross the road by reinforced concrete. Drainage along the way by circular reinforced concrete culverts placed underground under the pavement
  • Green part: The green area is arranged on the pavement of the median strip.
  • Lighting: The lighting is arranged on the median with an average distance of 35m / post.

2. BIM uses

After agreeing with the investor, and summarizing from the previous projects, I propose the tasks of developing BIM in accordance with this project.

Defining the feasibility of applying BIM in the project and defining the overall and detailed BIM application goals is very important for successful implementation. These goals can be based on the potential benefits of applying BIM to the project such as increasing progress, achieving higher productivity, increasing quality, reducing costs when making changes or acquiring data for the operation process. Objectives can also be related to enhancing the capacity of project members, for example, the investor can use the project as a pilot project to illustrate the communication between the design. , construction and operation.