BIM ensures efficiency, consistent with the actual situation from 2017 - 2020

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(Vietnam Architectural Magazine) - Currently, the application of Building Information Model (BIM) in the world is becoming more and more popular. Each country has a strategy to apply at different levels in order to further improve the competitive quality of the construction industry. At the present time, BIM is an important prerequisite for approaching the Industrial Revolution 4.0 of Vietnam Construction Industry. Promoting BIM application of Construction industry is also the basis to create "new position and force". In the coming time, it is necessary to have specific orientations and measures to effectively deploy BIM application in Vietnam. The journalist of KTVN Magazine has recorded expert opinions at the seminar "Deploying the application of BIM project information model in construction and operation activities" in September 2017 in Hanoi.


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Workshop on "Implementation of BIM project information model in construction and operation activities" in September 2017 in Hanoi

Building a roadmap for implementing BIM applications in construction and operation activities

The review of some projects shows that BIM application helps to shorten the schedule, save costs, optimize in handling difficult problems in design - construction - tightly control the volume. However, BIM application in Vietnam is still low and spontaneous, not oriented, in the future, it is necessary to have specific action plans to improve the quality and application of BIM. effective way and propose solutions to promote BIM application in line with the Government's orientation.
In order to deploy a new technology like BIM in the field of construction, according to the experience of the previous countries, initially, it will face many difficulties and challenges due to the adjustment of the production process of the unit. consult, prepare resources to update with new tools and processes, specific regulations for each project, the initiative and high integration spirit. It is necessary to clarify the feasible contents of BIM application in the construction industry, especially consultancy units, to suit Vietnamese characteristics. Solutions to train and prepare resources to apply BIM according to the roadmap, measures to maximize the opportunities for effective BIM application, gradually renovating the construction industryIn order to deploy the application of BIM in the construction industry, on December 22, 2016, the Prime Minister issued a decision 2500 / QD-TTg approving the project of applying the information model of works (BIM) in construction activities. Constructing and managing the operation of the project with the view that the State encourages and creates favorable conditions for related subjects to apply BIM, implement solutions to improve productivity, save resources and improve management capacity. operation management.

Dr. Tran Hong Mai - Director of Construction Economics Institute - Permanent Deputy Head, Project Steering Committee Applying BIM Information Model in construction and operation management.

The implementation of BIM in Vietnam is also the premise to innovate the future of construction industry
Based on the survey data in the world, it is undeniable the multifaceted effects of BIM application in the construction industry. There is a relationship between BIM application deployment and smart city development. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT), it will create connectivity and sharing in the areas of planning, urban management, architectural design, construction works ... among different areas of the city.

The implementation of BIM in Vietnam is also the premise for innovation in the construction industry in the future. Based on the BIM application, it is possible to create a collaborative environment where architects, as well as project participants, can collaborate with each other in a different way than before, simulating construction work before actual implementation. This is the future of renovating construction and operation of works from urban planning, architectural design, construction permit. BIM can optimize data usage to create great efficiency for projects. For the past several years BIM has been studied in Vietnam, the BIM application allows project completion on schedule and cost savings.

THowever, in order to effectively implement BIM, according to international experience, it is necessary to emphasize the role of leadership - orientation in building BIM application vision in Vietnam. Because in a connected working environment, it is necessary to have uniform rules, regularly exchange and update data between participants and promote security.

Dr. Daniel Green - Autodesk Regional Director, Asia Pacific Government

BIM is very effective for contractors working on large-complex projects
Experience when applying BIM to the construction shows that despite the difficulties at the beginning, it is very advantageous to solve the detailed design of complex locations, applied to the entire rough construction of the public structural frame. The process shows BIM is very effective for complex work.
The BIM application has helped to detail and solve the complicated intersection design and the construction and installation sequence between the steel column intersected with the transfer beam at the column head system. For areas with high density of steel, interwoven directions and many types of structures, the application of traditional design methods will be difficult to be effective in providing solutions and information coordination between design teams. and construction team. The application of BIM helps the construction contractor to provide the optimal design solution, expected construction order - effective installation and export of detailed design drawings with high accuracy.

The steps performed on site are simulated with models. Stakeholders exchanged information at all steps, making plans right from the design process. The accuracy and convenience have helped minimize the repairs and changes during the construction process, ensuring both labor safety, construction progress, promoting more efficient construction and saving the Indirect costs incurred for the investor and the parties.

Mr. Nguyen Khuu Trong Luat - Head of BIM, Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company

BIM supports the consulting and supervision unit to detect conflicts during the construction process
With the project management unit and supervision consultant, there are 3 main benefits that BIM brings: identifying conflicts, assessing the feasibility of construction solutions and testing the logic of the system. BIM has pointed out to the supervising consultant that a lot of conflicts are found during different construction processes, thousands of conflicts are identified to be resolved while following normal procedures will be eliminated. Many errors. On this basis, the construction contractors can coordinate and quickly repair themselves right from the construction method and shop drawing. This also helps contractors to focus on avoiding mistakes, avoiding losses and construction time.

Experience from the actual implementation at the unit shows that when applying BIM to the project, it is necessary to clearly identify the goals when applying to the project, avoiding selecting wasteful resources. With a supervising consultant, it is recommended to focus on the transmission of design information, design feasibility assessment, conflict testing and the most effective and feasible goals. Building a unified application of BIM among project participants from the outset is included in the contractual content of the parties.

Mr. Dinh Cong Phuc - Turner Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Application of BIM in construction has shown a 40% reduction in costs
Since 2014, the implementation of BIM application has brought many benefits for the unit to officially decide to apply BIM in a professional manner. Through the implementation process, the application of BIM to the project showed a 40% reduction in costs incurred, a 3% reduction in the deviation of the estimate, a reduction of 80% in the estimate time, saving 10% of the contract value. by detecting inconsistencies, reducing 7% of project time.
BIM application starts from bidding to design and construction, helps accurately extract volume for bidding, demonstrates 3D illustrative steps to help take measures. consistent construction, construction schedule and control by BIM 4D, organization of construction ground for works. Therefore, when implementing construction, BIM is a tool to control design records and handle pre-construction errors in architecture and structure.

At the construction stage, thanks to the software's accuracy, the project's input is put into a unified model then using the 5D integration to cite the project's volume, progress and price. Accordingly, the whole process of acceptance and settlement is carried out according to the unified BIM process. Moreover, BIM shows the ability to integrate models of each item on the total ground and simulate the implementation progress of each item and the overall progress on BIM coordination software, thereby analyzing the points. unreasonably and control risks of project progress.

Mr. Mai Anh Duc - Team Leader of BIM, Song Da 5 Joint Stock Company

Promote human resource training program framework and pilot implementation
Currently, in our country, there have been some pioneering enterprises implementing BIM application, but in the overall difficulty, the main barrier is still human resources and deployment experience. It is necessary to have synchronized efforts in developing human resource training program frameworks and piloting in the coming time.
In training human resources for BIM application deployment, the current units mainly focus on training in using software. Some businesses have implemented BIM self-training and application but have not met the practical requirements. The overall evaluation is not well-organized, has not clarified about the process and overall requirements, using the database. Part-based training is the main focus and there is no formal training content. In this situation, refer to the BIM training framework programs of the previous countries to compile the framework training program in Vietnam. Selecting and opening some training courses for source lecturers will be conducted with lecturers who are experts from the leading countries in the world. The source trainers will then be the factor for continuing training. Conduct pilot training options with investors (currently limited to class 1 buildings). At the same time, regular short-term training courses in localities will be regularly organized.

Promote the application of BIM in pilot projects. Establish a team of consultants for pilot projects through training support for project management boards, design consultants for construction contractors. Connection provides the applicable tools if needed.

Dr. Nguyen Pham Quang Tu - Deputy Director of Construction Economics Institute, Head of the transition team assists the Steering Committee in implementing the Project of BIM Information Model application in construction and operation management works

Promote BIM application to reduce the "warping" between the participants from the actual implementation
In general, the application of BIM in design consultancy units is still in the initial stage. At present, the implementation of BIM application in contractors is only partial, and there is a lack of a complete overview. For investors, due to the lack of experience, it is only a collection of "new things" but not really understanding the contents and benefits of BIM explicitly. Due to the limitations of technology infrastructure, initial investment costs, human resources, etc., architectural designs are not immediately interactive according to the formal process prescribed by BIM. Structural design stops at spatial structure diagrams, does not specify steel details as Vietnamese standards prescribed with design drawings.

In essence, BIM is the connection of stakeholders. BIM is not only for design consultancy, but also needs the "harmony" of all parties such as investors, construction contractors, supervision consultants. BIM needs an implementation process and, above all, a management process, which requires the formulation of a uniform implementation standard. Massive peer-to-peer application should not be deployed, but pilot groups should be developed to learn from experience and replicate. Implement training from practice instead of merely theoretical training as today.

MSc Architect Nguyen Huy Khanh - Deputy General Director of VNCC

Develop content for Bim implementation and training program
Promote the development of BIM application guidelines for construction industry. It focuses on research on sample content, curriculum frameworks, and technology that clarify overall issues, the applicable environment, technology selection, application platforms, and deployment at all levels. 

Regarding the sample content, choose from the experience of countries around the world, build the sample content of the contract (for the case of a separate contract or a part of the design consultancy contract with the application). non-BIM consultants), especially interested in clarifying the intellectual property issues of the BIM implementers.
Building guidelines, solving questions of PMU units in the past time on cost norms and cost estimates for the project when applying BIM. Regarding the guidance on making regulations on the process of information originator, situation assessment, BIM application process for bidding designing, construction ...

Dr. Ta Ngoc Binh - Institute of Construction Economics, Deputy Head of Expert Group assists the Steering Committee in implementing the Project of Applying BIM Information Model in construction activities and operation management.

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